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Beautiful Thailand... A vacationers paradise. Lovely beaches, historical Temples, great shopping and a place to find enlightenment. I say fuck that the reason you really want to go there is the PUSSY! You work hard all year and you don't want to spend your hard earn Dollars relaxing on the beach . Get a cheap hotel room to save money for beer and bar girls. Just for about 50 bucks you can get wasted and grab the Asian girl of your dreams and she will suck and fuck you all night long.

Ok, I know trip to Thailand is expensive and just trying to take a few weeks off is hard to do now a days. Now I am a big fan of Thai girls and my two favorite sites I belong to are listed below. They help relive my days in Bangkok, I added some galleries from them so you can see what I am talking about. Just click on the image to get the free pictures and Movies.

Asian Bar Cams

Asian Bar Cams
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Bangkok Street Whores

Bangkok Street Whores
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Now what I like about Asian bar Cams, it is a great place to meet real girls from Thailand. These are live girls, usualy hanging out in the backrooms in the brothels and nightclubs waiting to get to work.

Last year when I went to Bangkok I met a girl I was chatting to here, so it is possible to talk your way into their panties.

Ok, here is the deal. You can chat for free with out having an account but you will be limited to just a few minutes. I highly recommend getting a free account with your own user name. You will not need a credit card to do it. You will only be asked for that when you want to take a girl private. After you get your free account you can chat as long as you want for free. Thai Bar Girls Kissng
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I really do have to say going private with these girls is worth it. Most Thai girls only charge about a buck a minute, which is close to a regular phone call to Thailand. Some have sound so you can talk back and forth. I imagine how much dating web sites charge and then all the money you will blow trying to get to know her, when here at least she gets naked and you two can masturbate together.

Thai girls like a guy who will treat them nice and take them private a few times to help pay the bills. Now , I have found you get them naked a few times in their exclusive show they will start giving you a really nice tease in the free chat. If you think a buck a minute is expensive just think how much you drop in the panties of a stripper when she gives you a lap dance for just a three minute song. Thai girl pussy
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Thai Girls at Asian Bar Cams is a great place to get started in your adventure towards your ultimate sex vacation in Thailand. Come chat with the most perfect Asian Women, the Hotties from Thailand!!!

Asian Bar Cams

Bangkok hooker gets her first really big dick Thai Girld Wild is the site that got me into Thai girls. Now a while a go i was ignorant to what Asian girls were, I thought they all looked Like Japanese or Chinese girls and all have small tits. I was surfing around the net and discovered these Little Brown Fucking machines from South East Asia and their tan skin instantly gave me a boner. So I joined bangkok Street Whores to find out more.
I have joined a few other porn sites before but this one really expanded my view of Asian teens. These lucky bastards were long dicking these tight little Thai girls for under 10 bucks and here I am having to short stroke myself since their are no hot girls like this in my town. So I watched and study these guys to see what they did to get these girls back to their room. Asian beauty gets fucked
2 Thai girls suck dick and get fucked! After six months and a very raw dick. I decided to jump on a plane to Bangkok. Almost 22 hours later I walked out of the airport and was almost knocked back by the heat and the smells. Stale urine and strange food cooking from street vendors. The noise was also unbelievable. I was so happy to get to my hotel room after the terrifying taxi ride. I fliped on the TV then I said what the fuck I am in Thailand!
I went across the street to this little bar, nothing fancy or anything going on cause it was only 5 in the afternoon. I sat down ordered a beer when this very slim and barely leagal honey sits down by me. I buy her a drink we start talking and she is rubbing my cock. Her friend then comes and joins us I buy her a drink and she opens my fly and both are stroking my dick. I take them back to my room. All of us are Asian girl sucks dick in the bathroom
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naked and rolling around the bed, as they were both licking my asshole I thought my gawd I am now the lucky bastard. Check out Thai Girls Wild!!

Bangkok Street Whores Bangkok Street Whores

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